Information for TeX4ht

I could not find much information about TeX4ht. I mainly use the followings.
  • The web site of TeX4ht

    This is the first place to go. But it was not easy for me to find necessary information.

  • The LaTeX Web Companion: integrating TeX, HTML and XML by M. Goossens and S. Rahtz with E.M. Gurari, R. Moore and R.S. Suter, Addison Wesley, 1999, ISBN 0-201-43311-7

    A very good book on TeX and Web in general. It also contains detailed information on TeX4ht by E. Gurari, the author of TeX4ht. A good starting point for TeX4ht.

  • A Demonstration of TeX4ht

    A series of slides by E. Gurari for a TUG meeting. Contains lots of good examples.