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Biology and Topology

There is an article “ Can biology lead to new theorems? ” by Sturmfels on biology and mathematics.

Phylogenetic trees are now studied by using mathematical tools.

Other biological structures such as RNAs and proteins are studied mathematically. For example, [ JQR PKWA ] . A more topological one is [ DLV ] .

I learned the word phylogenomics in [ PS ] . Statistics, combinatorics , probability , and algebraic geometry are related to this subject.

According to Carr, Devadoss, and Forcey [ ? ] , graph associahedra appear in biological statistics [ MPS + ] .

Oriented matroids appear in biochemistry. For example, [ OBJOD01 BGO ] .

The structure called branched polymer introduced as models in chemistry and biology seems to be interesting. See, for example, Brydges and Imbre [ BI03 ] , Kenyon and Winkler [ KW ] , and Meszaros and Postnikov [ MP ] . Meszaros and Postnikov found a relation to hyperplane arrangements

When we apply Leinster’s definition of the Euler characteristic of small categories to metric spaces regarded as enriched categories, we obtain the notion of magnitude. It appeared in a paper on biodiversity [ SP94 ] independently.


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