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Homotopy Algebras

In homotopy theory, theory of operads was developed based on the study of higher homotopy associativities and higher homotopy commutativities on topological spaces.

By using the notion of operads , we can define analogous “up to homotopy” versions of algebraic structures. One of the most famous examples is Stasheff’s A -algebras [ Sta63 ] . We call such algebraic structures as “homotopy algebras”. A bit confusing, but homotopical algebra is a completely different subject .

Here is a list of some examples.

The notion of symplectic C -algebra was introduced by Kontsevich in [ Kon94 ] . It is named by Lazarev (?). It is closely related to string topology . See Lazarev’s [ Laz ] and [ HL ] by Hamilton and Lazarev.

We may often extend homological constructions on ordinary algebras to homotopy algebras, such as Hochschild (co)homology. See [ HL09 ] by Hamilton and Lazarev.

M. Miller [ Mil ] considers extending twisted tensor products.

From the viewpoint of homotopy theory, it is important to study model structures on categories of homotopy algebras. Hinich [ Hin97 ] studied model structures on the following three levels.

  • the category of modules over an algebra over an operad
  • the category of algebras over an operad
  • the category of operads

Deformations appear in many fields of mathematics. We should think of deformations as a certain kind of homotopy. It is natural to use operads when we study deformations of algebraic structures.

It is interesting that homotopy algebras appear in physics , especially in string theory . Based on that fact that classical closed string field theory has an L -structure and open string field theory has an A -structure, Kajiura and Stasheff introduced OCHA (open-closed homotopy algebra) in [ KS06 ] as a structure corresponding to open-closed string field theory.

  • OCHA

They wrote a survey [ KS ] . Hoefel tried to express OCHA by using coderivations on coalgebras in [ Hoeb ] . And he studied relations to Voronov’s Swiss cheese operad in [ Hoea ] .


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